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After living through the era, Human Beings have always been in search of values to shape and rely on. While most people are in a search for strengths in their lives, I am confident that my life is full of specialty, worthiness, and values that it brings the people's attention to. A geographical location is only a place that we are related to but when I have a glance back to where I belong, I see that I can refer myself to two vital symbols of countries NZ and Iran-Kiwi and Sarv.  I have grown up in New Zealand and after years I have lived in Tehran. My originality comes back from one of the most historic, civilized cities of the World, Yazd, more ‏specifically ‏‏Abarkuh, the top Tourism city in the country.  Sarv-e-Abarkuhshines like a Beautiful Diamond there. Its long-living age, Beauty, and Glory make everyone stunned, and it is known as the Jewelry of the Desert, one of the most important natural heritage in the World. 

I came from an academic background. My father is a Faculty member at Tarbiat Modares University, one of the most exclusive graduate schools in which is the second mother university after the University of Tehran. I have experience studying for two years in the USA. I attended the New Jersey Institute of Technology and Cornell University for my graduate study. Prof. Zhou has supervised me at NJIT while Prof. Petrina instructed me on the amazing course "Materials for Sustainable Energy Systems" at Cornell. Afterward,  I have graduated from Tarbiat Modares University with experience of working with top researchers including Prof. Seifi at Iran Power System Engineering Research Center(IPSERC) and the Power System operation and planning lab at TMU. TMU's ECE department is one of the most prestigious ones in the country. 

PID tuning of three area power systems with heuristic methods for LFC and Coordinated Control of Distributed Energy Resources and Conventional Power Plants including pump storage for LFC are the area of research that I have worked on in NJIT and TMU.
As the Global concern regarding the depletion of fossil fuels and the increased emission of CO2 emission, Air Pollution, and reliability issues, conventional power plants are recommended to be reduced and Today's Electric grid is shifting from a centralized network to a decentralized one known as Microgrids with the rise of power electronic interface-based resources so-called Distributed Energy Resources. An amount of Renewable Energy Resources is necessary to be penetrated to the grid. On the other hand, microgrids provide some benefits to our grid as an independent resource of energy. It can be isolated in times of faults to supply a portion of critical loads independently by the integration of DERs. Reduced inertia due to the integration of inverter-based DERs may also cause frequency and power system operational instability. By penetration of these resources, Frequency excursions are the issue that we electric power engineers encounter due to the lack of inertia in the network. Solving this problem by approaching different schemes and methods is one of my areas of research interest. Besides the power system infrastructure is old that modernization and making it smart is a need, specifically two-sided communication between the consumer and the producer is another area of Research that nowadays a lot of researchers are dealing with.

 Solving the Electric Power System's problems is my passion. My Research Interests are in the scope of:
 • Power system stability, Operation, and Control
 • Microgrids, Virtual Power Plants and Demand Response
 • Large-Scale Renewable Energy Integration to the Grid
 • Power System modeling and simulation with various power system software tools like including PSCAD/EMTDC, PowerFactory-DIgSILENT, PSS/E, Simulink, PowerWorld, PSpice, PSIM, Proteus AutoCAD
As a graduate student at Tarbiat Modares University, we did several Projects in our courses that most of them turned into conference papers. I am glad that Prof. Seifi, Prof. Parsa-Moghaddam, Prof.Sheikheleslami, and Prof. Haghifam were my instructors at Tarbiat Modares University. I have learned a lot from them. Accordingly, l  I have done projects and accordingly research papers in the areas below:
• Power System Electric Machines
• Power System Operation and Control
• Power System Dynamics and Stability
• Power System Planning
• Electric Distribution Systems, Active Distribution Network or Microgrids
• Energy Management and Demand Response
• Effect of Electric Power Consumption on the Greenhouse Industry

How much to reduce SG resources and How to penetrate Renewable resources, how to shape microgrid and virtual power plants in our network, how to overcome Distributed Energy Resources integration challenges such as inertia reduction of the Grid are some Questions that could be answered in the Roadmap of my research area and could be a part of my career goals.
Solving the Electric Power System's problems is my passion. My Research Interests are in the scope of Power system stability and Control, Microgrids, Demand Response, Large-Scale Renewable Energy Integration to the Grid, and Power System Operation.
I would love to help people and organizations reach their goals. Accordingly, I was a good asset to the education industry. I've helped the University of Tehran to achieve its goals in Academia at Deputy of Research as an Expert Member for the Secretariat office.

 Further Collaborations? For sure, what an honor it would be! Please feel free to reach out at:
 or contact me at this website
 I would love to hear from you.
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My Mission

It’s easy to do great things when you believe in what you do. That’s why I’m committed to helping more people like you, every day.

My Capabilities

Because I'm experienced, reliable, and focused on results, I've had the privilege of working with a host of fantastic professors and advisors. Therefore, I can be in the Roles of  Electrical Engineering Consultant · PHD Graduate Student · Electrical Project Engineer · Electrical Engineering Specialist · Electric Engineer

My Areas of Research Interest

MicroGrid Stability, Operation, and Control

Microgrid is a cluster of Distributed energy resources, storage and loads that can be operated either in Grid-Connected mode or in the time of emergency and peak times in Islanded mode, supplying a part of a power system. 

Power System Operation and Control (Stability, Dynamics & Reliability)

Power System works within some operational points such as voltage and frequency. Controlling these parameters are vital for a smooth transition of power between consumer and supplier. 

Integration, Control and Implementation of Intermittent Renewable Energy Resources to Large Scale Power System and Demand Response

Modern Grid is introduced by penetration of Renewable energy resources and transforming the grid into a active power system from a passive one. In other hand CO2 gas emission and fossil fuel depletion have made the power grid more decentralized, resulting in Distributed Energy Resources. Control and  integration of these resources are a concern for researchers that should be fully studied. 
One of the Issues that we are facing are the high penetration of Distributed energy resources to the grid in which makes the Modern grid to become based upon power electronic interface resources. These resources are inertialess that plays a main role in power system frequency stability. Adding inertia to the grid by emulating inertia in resources like wind turbine are other part of my study, 

Improving power system Resiliency by introducing Virtual power plants(VPP) to the Grid, Smart Grids

Virtual power plants perform active power control across a fleet of assets to provide grid services that are not highly depending on the specific location of individual assets like feeders or circuits. In general, they provide system-wide benefits associated with increased or decreased generation or load and focus more on larger territories such as cities, counties, states or ISO/RTO areas. The grid services for which VPPs are optimally used include:

  • Demand response/capacity
  • Frequency regulation
  • Operational reserves
  • Energy arbitrage
  • Peak demand management

Tomorrow's power grid is going to be built upon some premises that being intelligent is one of them. Today's gird is a one-way power flow communication between the generation and consumer in which makes the power system to be considered as the term ill that it means it can't track of its energy consumption. Using smart technologies such as smart meters, smart appliances, renewable energy and demand response techniques in different part of power system is a roadmap that most power system facility builders persuade in order to improve the reliability, security and the efficiency of the power system. This advance in power system structure is known as smart grids.

What makes me different?

Well, a suffice evidence is that I do belong to a country that have the most valuable living creature within itself. 

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Sarv-e-Abarkuh is considered one of the wonders of our planet.

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